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Dear guest,

Welcome to the official website of the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women, which will take place in Amsterdam's ‘Sporthallen Zuid’ from 17 to 26 August. This great FIBA event will be organised by the Netherlands Basketball Federation (NBB) through its Local Organising Committee (LOC), in close cooperation with the City of Amsterdam.

Together we will provide great talents from around the world the opportunity to deliver top performances. But above all we would like to demonstrate the hospitality of the Dutch basketball community as being an excellent host is paramount!

The LOC is made up of people with a passion for basketball. Being able to organise an event like this is a great honour for all of us. Above all, we see the right to organise and host the FIBA U17 World Championship for Women as a great opportunity to demonstrate to the world and to our home country how special and valuable the game of basketball is. People from around the world will gather in a very small basketball nation to enjoy the sport and to celebrate being together.

The Dutch team (‘Orange’) will compete in the tournament because the Netherlands is the host country. It will be the very first time that a Dutch youth team participates in a world championship. Girls basketball is progressing at a very quick rate here and coach Meindert van Veen's team is considered to be very talented. That is also true of all teams that will be present and it will make for some very interesting, competitive and intense games. Highly-motivated girls from five continents will compete against each other and provide us with a spectacular championship.

The first steps in the direction of this major basketball event have been taken. Together – players and team staffs, family members and spectators, FIBA, the NBB, the LOC and all volunteers – will organise an unforgettable World Championship. It will be a big basketball happening for a big basketball family. It will be a destination for a great day out for the entire family, for your team or for friends of basketball from everywhere. Even in the event you would come on your own, there will be enough to experience; you will feel to be among friends. Everybody is invited!

With warm regards,

On behalf of the NBB

Patrick Kathmann
LOC Event Manager
“It is my goal to increase the visibility of the Netherlands in the global basketball community by adopting new approaches, working even closer together and by being a great host. Our women basketball is a great calling card. You will be able to see this at the World Championship.”
Michel Kriek
LOC Manager Marketing & Communications, Press & Media
“The World Championship is the event to join forces and to show to the people of the Netherlands why basketball is an exciting sport that you need to experience together. It is a team effort. I enjoy this on a daily basis.”
Corine Ridder
LOC Marketing Manager
“My passion for basketball already existed because of my husband and son who both are very motivated players and because of living in Arizona visiting the Phoenix Suns for a year. The passion has enlarged thanks to the dynamics, team spirit, intensity and joy that women basketball displays. I am proud to contribute to this!”
Alex Nelissen
LOC Venue Manager
“As announcer of the NBB I visit many international games and I can see that the quality of our women basketball is rapidly improving. Let’s use this world Championship to uplift it even further. It will absolutely be a memorable event for everyone and for the sport itself. No doubt!”
Cees van der Lee
LOC Operations Manager
“Basketball is my passion. I have experienced it from different points of view. The World Championship is a great add-on.  I am looking forward to welcome as many volunteers and spectators as possible to make this an unforgettable event!”
Renate Landa
LOC Administration Manager
“If it seems that I ran out of words to express my feelings about the World Championship and women basketball in general, it is because I am positively surprised about how special it is to me that I can experience my favourite sport from this angle. To be able to contribute leaves me without words…” 


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